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Seoul's next envoy stresses Russia's role in resolving N. Korea problem

2017-09-29 12:02

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     SEOUL, Sept. 29 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's next ambassador to Russia on Friday stressed the importance of Russia's role in resolving North Korea's nuclear impasse.

   Woo Yoon-keun made the remark in his speech at a conference on Korea-Russia relations in Seoul attended by officials and experts from both countries.

   "Russia is the most important country in resolving emergency situations such as the North's nuclear problem that are in the way to the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and mediating between the interests of the U.S. and China," he said.

   "Russia's role was also decisive in the reunification of West and East Germany," he added.

   Woo, the secretary-general of the National Assembly, was designated the top envoy to Moscow early this month.

   He noted that mutual cooperation is imperative to both countries because of their geopolitical conditions and the supplementary nature of their relations.

   "I was picked as our country's ambassador to Russia, a challenging duty at this moment. (But) I will devote all to expanding exchanges between Korea and Russia and further strengthening mutual trust," he said.


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